Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Sorry...No the Hell I'm Not Sorry

If you have ever wondered what can I read while I wait for an hour or so before doing the next thing on your to do list…READ HONEY!

Ambitious Drive by Kassandra Klay gets my vote!

 Perhaps having your Boo on stand by might be a good idea because let me tell you 'Girl Friend' does not waste any time getting into the good, good of this story.

Who is it about?

This story opens in the midst of the day on a Friday at the 9-5 J.O.B. 
But don’t fret you only spend enough time in the office to discover Alexandria is up for a promotion and she goes out to this club with her friend only to be whisked off her feet by a stunning guy that knows exactly what he wants. 

He’s an alpha…if you know anything about me you know this chic loves her some alpha men…
Yes, honey yes!

What is going on in the story?

Her friend leaves her at the bar…why the bar so much happens at the bar. 

Nevertheless, she is at the bar and a tall glass of sexy catches her eye. 

However, cock blocking pain in the ass associate from work ‘Nick just so happens to pop up as if he is a Jeanie in a bottle.  But he didn’t get the memo, she defiantly did not wish for this guy to come her way.

You know what he pisses me off right from the start. He thinks every woman wants him. He is so damn insulting. I can imagine him just being a tall glass of SHIT! It’s a feeling, I know he is fictional…but you have met someone that hates on you for being pure bliss and this asshole takes ASSHOLE TO ANOTHER DIMENSION. Let’s move along…

The story progresses quickly and Mr. Sexy comes by. You know the kind of sexy that has you doing a mental check... 

'Did I put on my sexy panties tonight?'

'Am I up for a one night stand?'  

Yes that kind of sexy!

However, the moment he says his name ‘Kreed Kerrington,’  Alexandria is like FUCK…and I am not implying the type she was initially thinking.

She is reminded ‘this man is my damn boss!’

Moreover, Kreed is an alpha.  He knows what he wants and does not waste any time letting Alexandria know and as much as she tries to fight the feeling, of course she loses! 

Hey, it’s what you wanted, what she wanted; what I wanted and why I kept reading to get to the juicy part...of him falling to his knees!

Thank you Kassandra for not making me wait to get to this alpha showing me just how seductive he can be.

Wait a minute, while I do prefer reading how endowed this guy is he is absolutely a jealous type. We need to keep that on the radar.

 Well sweetheart…I need to stop telling you all these details. Instead go check out the book for yourself because it is the office romance you dare to dream of and dare to be so ambitious to take part of!

Check out Kassandra Klay for yourself and remember keep your baby waiting because you will be ready after this read!

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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Friday, February 2, 2018

Falling for Satan

Have you ever walked in a room and snarled, at the sexy motherfucker that pissed you off just by his mere presence? I mean, the moment he opened his mouth nothing but dirty vulgarity comes out and…

Oh wait, that’s how things were when I met my hubby…

Back to what I was saying, sometimes the first impression from hell can have a way of turning you on. 

OMG, Rose Devereux slays naughtiness on a platter that keeps you begging for more in her novel, Breaking Grace.

Devereux did a great job with the development of the characters.  As the reader takes a walk in the world of Grace, it is easily detected that her past life has a way of weighing on her: leaving Grace a mess. Not to mention this guy adds to her recipe of a cantankerous life. 

She has a temper from hell and only a demon can tame her ass to facing her childhood past,  which haunts her. 

The psychology the author presents among the character of Grace and Bram's interpersonal relationship is most convincing. As the reader grows to love to hate, and need Bram as a master mind, the reader might even think he/she is being lifted to another space. 

I was in awe with the writer’s skill set of illustrating how distance can play on your mind. This guy wanted her and he did everything he knew to break her down to desire every aspect of him.  

All responsibilities Were Put Off :From the intense back ground of Grace my attention would not peel away from the pages. I must say this was a perfect book to sit, read, and abandon all of reality.

What got me the most was Bram.  He was a guy presented for me to detest. I mean he was a KILLER for crying out loud. Sexy...but a killer, so we are told. 

Well, society teaches us to hate murderers but somehow the tables turn and when they do 'you so want to be there.' Trust me; you want to check this book out.

Grace is a brat within reason…her tantrums causes the reader to want to slap her but you have to understand this is an unstable girl. She feels like the left over’s you get when everyone else had their choice, she’s what is left over. 

After Bram has explored Grace's mental and emotional factors to subdue her in the palm of his hands, finally these two go at it and she gets...well you know Bram's thick d***.

It's as if all things seem to make sense. Now, I don't know how you respond to a great dosage of D-Quil; but let's face it, the afterglow of Grace following sex will have you like 'DAMN,' he must really have that good...

Well you can conclude for yourself, just make sure to grab a bottle of your favorite drink, unwind, and read Breaking Grace. I promise you it’s a read you will not regret!

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Sunday, January 7, 2018

Choosing The Lesser Evil

Entering Blaire’s world at once began dark, but that’s not what kept my attention. It was the author’s skill set of writing. Anita Gray’s Blaire from the Dark Romance Series is a special treat.

This is an action pack story keeps your adrenaline going.

I adore Blaire as a fighter and she is not the typical, ‘I need a man to save me type of chick.’ She’s skilled with computers and disciplined with her emotions…well up until the point of her world changing once Charlie steps on the scene.

Blaire is the female bad ass you cheer on from the beginning yet you have a weak spot for her deficiency to see her worth. Many women have experienced not knowing how great they are without the likes of a guy to justify their brilliance.  This is what makes her relatable. 

Meeting her knight is hostile. The tension between Charlie and Blaire is thick.

It’s more like being on a roller coaster you want to get on but it makes you sick. But, you get back in line because you can’t resist the thrill.

Once the levee of tension breaks, it’s pretty hard to not fall deeper for Charlie. Sure he’s cantankerous but he has a heart of gold for Blaire. Who can refuse a guy that will destroy all in his path for the love of his life?

Several things the author presented in the story:

Blaire was a Lady

Blaire could see a bit of good in everyone because of her heart.
She was a beautiful female whom isolated her beauty using it merely as a weapon.

Blaire was a Shero

She was extremely skillful, intelligent and knew how to protect herself. Blaire didn’t doubt she’d kick your ass. There is more but you go ahead and read on to find out…

What the author did which sent me on a roller coaster of rage?👿 

Gray created a fabulous display of a virgin. OMG! I promise you she had my ass recalling my virginity. I was like…yeah I remember when I thought 'no, no, no to anything entering down below.' Well that time has passed.

If Gray had me salivate after Charlie’s sexy ass on more time…ugh!

I wanted to bend Blaire’s ass over and demand she fucks Charlie. I’m just saying... it’s only so much resisting a girl can handle.

I know one thing…had Blaire had a BFF her virginity would have been lost long ago. I’m just saying it’s a feeling!

Finally, Gray had me wanting to slap her ass. Yes, she did!😩

There’s a scene…first of all it’s an author’s job to make the reader feel. 👏🏼👏🏼
Yes, yes, applauds, applauds for making me feel; yet, by the time I got to this scene. 

You can’t possibly think I will tell you all the details. Brace yourself and read the book because it’s worth every emotion that Gray evokes upon you as you read. Back to this scene in 'Seven Oaks’ (you will know when you get there). By this time, I was sexually frustrated, heartbroken, ready to kill and a pre-rescue shows up only to be snatched away.

Fuck yeah, it’s was such a rush but I promise you I enjoyed every jerk reaction Gray presented in this novel.

I did not want the story to end (Yes, I purchased the behind the scenes of Charlie’s view). If you think you can handle intense, twisted, dark reads, sprinkled with steamy scenes on top, then your next read is Blaire: Part 1 in the Dark Romance Series.

Check out her book Blaire it’s a great read!
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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Inappropriate Southern Hospitality

When I was a younger, this show came on television and the one thing that grabbed my attention was these ‘good ol’ boys' with sexy cars, up to no good.

If you enjoy stories with a southern hospitality twist and a bit of naughty fun Unwelcomed Greeting by Savannah Maris has a tale to tell you.  The characters in the story include Mitchell Riverton. He reminds me of a TV version of Bo… if I say any more I am sure you will know but anyway.

Mitchell is in love with Makayla ‘Mak’ Gregory and will protect her at any cost.

If you like a man to take charge Mitchell is the perfect fit for your next book boyfriend!

Mak is in love with Mitchell but left their hometown five years ago to explore her life.  All that changed the day she got a phone call to return to her parents because of crooks in town attempting to force them off their land. But, when Mak comes to town and reconnects with the love of her life… these bullies are in for a surprise.

Mitchell and his brother Evan find themselves in an escapade with the town’s nemesis.  By the way,
Evan makes me think of a guy from a show that went by the name Luke. What can I say: these are the images that pop up in my head as I read of people coming to corrupt this small town.

It’s doesn’t take long to get into the love story because the chemistry upon these two are undeniable. Which caused me to recall my son asking me if high school sweethearts can still fall in love and get married?

Well let’s say if he wasn’t so young, I'd suggest him reading this book because it’s a beautiful fairy tale people are still falling for. Of course, he needs to be at least 18 years old in my house to read this book. Why do you ask? BAAAAAABY the sex scenes in this novel, will have you purring between the legs.  I’m just saying this work of fiction defiantly flares stimulating feelings.

One of my favorite scenes includes strawberries, handcuffs and blind folds… I am sure you get the picture.

Anyway… the great news is the steamy fun continues in the next book Unfinished Business. Perhaps, you can come back to read my thoughts of that story. Until then, check out more in one click below!
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Unwelcomed Greeting: A Riverton Crossing Novel
Unfinished Business: A Riverton Crossing Novel

Monday, November 27, 2017

Pipe Dreams of a Stupid Chick

Don’t be so quick to judge because you might be the thirsty chick reading this. So, what exactly is a thirsty chick? You know the desperate woman with no sight to morals, lost perception, emotionally unbalanced and confused as to what love is and what love is not. Typically, a thirsty chick's mind plays tricks on her, as to what life is. The only result for such chick all ends in reckless decisions. In the novel Sometimes Love Just Ain’t Enough Celine fits the perfect description… but somehow you can’t help but feel sorry for her. Damn… damn… damn.

How can you determine if a chick is thirsty?

She’s available… leaving no room for the chase:

It seems as if thirsty for a man is an understatement for Celine. The opening of the story grabs the reader by learning Louis bumps off people when things don’t go his way.

Yes, I said it right he is a murderer; keep  following because this is exactly what the nuisance Celine does to stand by her man. She thinks…'He came to me and asked me to follow him for a new start in life.’ 

Did the fact that he is wanted by the police just fly over your head? No, he does not love you… this dude has gone through all of his choices and you are the last one willing to remain available for his bullshit.

She follows him… her priorities are beyond from being out of whack. I promise you while you are over there judging Celine, you can think of a chick that defends her man no matter what.  

You would think because of how furious I became with Celine for following this dude I would shut the book… but nope. I continued reading because now, 'I am hooked.'  I am in a sunken place and I am yelling at the author because if she takes me on one more turn...It's On. Trust me there are more turns for every way, in this page turner.

She drops her standards… to have not a good man, but any man:

Back to the story… How does she neglect the fact 'Louis is a murderer?' Does the thought cross Celine's mind or is it safe to say she is stupid in love with a guy that is on the run? Maybe we can just post a stamp on her forehead, this girl is STUPID. But let’s face it, more than likely this type of chic cannot tell you her standards for a man… let alone standards for herself. I know, you know someone like this… don’t trip.

She doesn’t know who she is, so she keeps looking for a dude to validate her.

Remember the female you told she was so pretty and you have no clue, 'why she keeps putting up with her dude.' If you take a look at this girl Celine… you will understand that the female you are talking to has a brain and nothing is working at the moment. In the story, Celine’s complete logic is

Did the fact that he is wanted by the police just fly over her head?In her brain, she believes she holds the power because she knows what he has done. She helps him escape with the understanding that she is in charge.  Wait what the…

I should really stop reading; I promise you I don’t like stupid chicks. But I didn’t stop...I want a better result for Celine. I want her ass to wake up…but she only wakes up to keep following this dude. By the way, I can’t stand her dude. He is a murderer and he treats Celine like shit. As I hard blink reading this toxic love story…yes I continued to read. While ranting in my head at the author hoping there is a twist for her as to ‘Wake Up.’ OMG, this chick stayed faithfully stupid throughout the story and I became the author’s thirsty reader.  

I hate myself for it, but I have to admit…I wanted something steamy. Instead, it was a dangerous ride with twists and turns that hooked me, I could not resist. If you are looking to read a story to help you identify if you are a thirsty chick or just want a heart racing read, check out Sometimes Love Just Ain’t Enough by Erica Franklin Carter.
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